Das Café Reber - ein Ort der hochfeinen Confiserie.


Mo-Sa 09:30 bis 17:30 | So+FT 13:30 bis 17:30


The Café



If you haven’t been to Café Reber, you haven’t seen Bad Reichenhall! This meeting place for chocolate lovers has been around since 1938. Every day, the perfect confectionary treats and unrivalled atmosphere here invite connoisseurs from around the world to relax and stay a while.

In the midst of a lively pedestrian zone, the café is now a fixed part of the city. The historic facade and red canopy can be seen from afar, inviting visitors to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind.

Immerse yourself in this unique Reber world of experience with its wonderfully cosy and peaceful atmosphere. The lovely decor – including beautiful copperplate prints, pictures, coloured pen and ink drawings, some of which are family-owned and have been collected over many years – create our cafés individual charm and flair.

Café Reber is a place to slow down, where visitors can take the time for some special indulgence. Here, everyone will get their culinary money’s worth – with more than 40 tortes, cakes and baked goods which our confectioners prepare fresh every day according to old family recipes, as well as aromatic coffee specialities. Just wander in!


The Old Café

The oldest part of Café Reber forms the core of Reber’s head office. It is reminiscent of a traditional Viennese coffeehouse where visitors can enjoy fine Reber specialities in the best company.

The Green Café

Immerse yourself in the stylish atmosphere of the Biedermeier period. Treat yourself to one of many delicacies surrounded by the Reber forefathers, whose portraits turn the room into a gallery of pleasure.

The Terrace Café

In the centre, there is a gold-leafed concert grand piano – our tribute to the musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. When the café is open, pianists sit at the magnificent instrument and emulate their great idol – live from 15:00 every day.

The Florentine Stüberl

Passing through the terrace café, visitors arrive at the Florentine Stüberl. This small room is named after an Italian beauty from the 19th century, in whose honour the confectioners created a famous speciality: the Florentine, which you can also enjoy at Café Reber.

The Mozart Court Garden

Surrounded by trees providing shade and the beautifully bubbling Mozart fountain – with bronze statues of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the world’s first monument of his wife Constanze with her dog “Pimperl” – the Mozart Court Garden awaits visitors in the spring and summer. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful weather here with a cup of coffee and one of the many Reber specialities. 

The Reber Confectionery Store

The meeting place for connoisseurs! Our lovingly decorated Reber confectionery store is right beside Café Reber – with the finest specialities across an area of over 230 square metres: pralines, tortes, cakes, handmade chocolate, Florentines and many more enticing delicacies. True to the phrase “you eat with your eyes as well as your mouth”, all of our sweet treats are available in exquisite gift boxes as a souvenir for your loved ones back home.