Market and quality leadership is binding. Our regular DLG Gold Awards highlight the high demand for the highest premium quality from the house of Reber.

In Germany, Reber is the undisputed market leader with its Mozart-Kugeln: the company currently has a market share of approx. 90 percent. 

Reber has already won multiple DLG Gold Awards:

  • Gold for the Genuine Reber Mozart-Kugeln®
  • Gold for the Mozart Schokis®
  • Gold for the Mozart Herz’l®
  • Gold for the Constanze® Mozart-Kugeln
  • Gold for the milk chocolate Mozart-Chocolade®
  • Gold for the Constanze® Mozart Schokis®

Rüdesheimer confectionary, a subsidiary of Paul Reber GmbH & Co. KG, has also been awarded DLG Gold. This traditional company harbours a long tradition of fine premium liqueur pralines.

Rüdesheimer confectionary brings exclusive licensed brands into the portfolio and has been number 1 on the premium liqueur praline market for years – thanks to its top quality and special manufacturing procedures. 

DLG Gold Awards for Rüdesheimer confectionary:

  • Delicate little bottles of Asbach with a fine crust
  • Asbach truffle chocolate bar     




Reber confectionary is certified by the IFS. This distinction guarantees the continuous monitoring of food manufacturing processes, from the procurement of raw materials and production through to delivering the final products to retailers. All Reber specialities meet the highest standards of quality and product safety. This is the only way for our specialities to also consistently meet our customers’ standards when it comes to enjoyment and taste.


The Reber Group incorporates concepts of sustainability and is a member of UTZ-Certified for cocoa. Through the increased use of UTZ-certified cocoa within Reber chocolates, cocoa farmers are supported with an additional charge added to the price of the cocoa and projects involving sustainable cocoa farming are supported directly in their countries of origin. You can see which of our products already contain this cocoa by looking for the UTZ label printed on our product packaging.


The Reber Group is also a member of the Sustainable Cocoa Forum, in which manufacturers, governments, associations, NGOs and countries of origin collaborate to implement joint solutions and carry out projects.




In order to adhere to Jewish dietary laws, Kashrut expert Rabbi T. Hod-Hochwald of the Chief Rabbinate of Jerusalem regularly inspects the production processes of our Reber confectionary, as well as the production and sourcing of our ingredients.

The following products are kosher dairy for the entire year, except Passover:

  • The Genuine Reber Mozart-Kugeln®
  • Constanze® Mozart-Kugeln
  • Cream Nougat Chocolate Delight
  • Mozart „Milk Chocolate“ Bar
  • Chocolate Bar "Nougat"
  • Chocolate Bar "Almond Nougat - Rum Truffle"
  • Constanze® Mozart Herz’l
  • Constanze® Mozart-Schokis-Bag
  • Mozart-Schokis® Bag Nougat-Milk Cream