Reber Quality



We have been taking our customers into the wonderful world of exquisite confectionary for over 150 years.

Since our founding, Reber specialities have been made exclusively with ingredients of the highest quality based on old, well-protected family recipes. All of our products are guaranteed to be free of flavour enhancers, artificial colouring and preservatives. We therefore never use genetically modified ingredients, palm oil or other foreign fats. Many of our ingredients are sourced from our region. In order to ensure the freshness of all of our confectionary, it is produced in line with demand and at the correct time.

Reber Premium Chocolate

Our Reber premium chocolate is produced using our own family recipes which have been passed down from generation to generation and give every fine Reber chocolate its crunchy outer shell. Our dark chocolate has a very high percentage of cocoa with at least 60%, and our one-of-a-kind Reber milk chocolate is at least 35% cocoa.

Reber Gourmet Marzipan

The quality of Reber marzipan is guaranteed thanks to our special manufacturing process and the selected raw ingredients we use. In the traditional Lübeck process, which has been used since 1904, aromatic Californian almonds and sugar are finely ground together using a granite mill and then roasted in open, rotating copper cauldrons. This step-by-step preparation process is what gives Reber gourmet marzipan its special flavour.

The Reber marzipan is then refined with a splash of high-quality rum to round off its flavour. The Reber gourmet marzipan used in our Genuine Reber Mozart-Kugeln® contains 36% almonds. 

Reber Gourmet Nougat

Reber gourmet nougat is primarily made from nuts or almonds. Our Levantine hazelnuts come from the Mediterranean and ensure consistent quality with an outstanding taste. The temperature used to roast the nuts and the amount of chocolate used vary depending on the recipe and crucially determine the aroma and colour of the nougat.

Finely grinding and conching all of the ingredients gives our nougat its velvety consistency and unique flavour. We use high-quality, fresh, natural products from our region, such as best-quality butter, alpine cream, yoghurt from alpine farmers and honey to refine our Reber confectionary.

The Reber Quality Guarantee
  • No flavour enhancers
  • No artificial aromas
  • No artificial colouring or preservatives
  • No genetically modified raw materials
  • No palm oil
  • Without vegetable fat (other than cocoa butter)
  • Free from foreign fats