The finest compositions since 1865

For more than 150 years, the Reber brand has stood for quality and delectation.
The finest compositions made from exquisite & natural raw materials which are produced on the basis of our traditional artisanal recipes.
Our classics include our genuine Reber Mozart Chocolates (Echte Reber Mozart-Kugeln®), which, based on a secret family recipe, have been inspiring consumers in Germany and around the world since year one.

Our licensed brands:

Asbach Uralt

The cult classic as a chocolate
Good things bring people together – Germany’s best-known brandy brand not only combines exquisite base wines with the highest quality standards and over a hundred years of experience: Asbach Uralt brings people together – and has done so for generations. Combined with fine chocolate as well, the cult classic creates wonderful moments of indulgence that invite you to share your enjoyment.


A creamy, delectable combination of VERPOORTEN ORIGINAL egg liqueur is being produced, unchanged, in our 5th generation according to a secret family recipe. VERPOORTEN only uses fresh Grade A eggs from controlled alternative livestock farming, which are then broken open in-house and processed immediately. This ensures consistent quality that you can taste! Enjoy our classic, liquid-filled VERPOORTEN chocolates, or try our attractive seasonal range, as well as innovative flavours like peach with passion fruit.


The traditional art of Black Forest distillation in chocolate
Since 1844, the Schladerer distillery has been combining high-quality fruit brandies and unique spirits under one seal. Driven by the concept of the manufactory, the highest standards apply to each step of work: from the strict selection of hand-picked fruits to the genuine craftsmanship of our master distillers to the unique finish of each individual product. All this for one goal: indulgence in its purest form! This art of distillation also makes Schladerer Pralinés a special taste experience. From classic fruit brandy chocolates in different varieties to innovative concepts such as the Gretchen Gin chocolate – there is something for everyone.

Remedy Rum

The treasure of the tropics in chocolate form
According to an old legend, Remedy Rum was developed in the USA at the time of the Prohibition. Alcohol could thus only be sold in pharmacies for “medical purposes”. As the stories go, the pharmacist Frank M. Farrington discovered the pineapple at a fruit dealer he was friends with and took it with him straight to his spirits laboratory. Here, he began to heat the fruit, so that a sweet and fruity brew emerged – the essence of the pineapple. He thus developed Remedy Pineapple, a wonderfully fruity spiced rum, which was also called “the Tropical Treasure”.
Remedy Pineapple is wonderful to enjoy unadulterated and is also a true taste experience in combination with dark chocolate and a fine sugar crust.

Batida de Côco

The kiss of the coconut Mangaroca Batida de Côco is the original coconut liqueur based on a Brazilian recipe (for vitality). And that’s just how it tastes: natural, sweet and quite seductive. Whether neat, on ice, as a long drink or as a base for exotic cocktails. In our chocolates, crisp milk chocolate meets a creamy coconut filling with the Mangaroca Batida de Côco flavour. Guaranteed Brazilian attitude to life for enjoying at home!


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