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Since 1865, the Reber specialties have stood for exquisite confectionery, tradition, the best quality and unadulterated enjoyment – above all its Mozart Chocolates, “Die echten Reber Mozart-Kugeln®”. The Reber Group is a leading premium confectionery manufacturer and enjoys worldwide recognition in more than 50 countries.

General information

General enquiries: Tel: +49 (0)8651 6003-0

Café Reber (Bad Reichenhall) Tel: +49 (0) 8651-174
Shop in Bad Reichenhall

Shop in Salzburg Tel: +43 662 841300

Complaints Tel: +49 (0)8651 6003-2

Unfortunately, due to strict food hygiene regulations, we do not carry out any company visits.

As the manufacturer of the genuine Reber Mozart balls, we offer a factory outlet at our factory in Bad Reichenhall, district of Marzoll (Reichenhaller Str. 111, 83435 Bad Reichenhall). The range on offer changes, which means that, for example, certain items are not always available.

Requests for collaborations and sponsorships/donations should be sent to :; they will then be coordinated internally and you will receive a reply from us as soon as possible.


Products from our coffeehouse, such as exquisite fresh chocolates, handmade chocolate, baumkuchen, Sachertorten and many fresh cakes, tarts and pastries from our confectionery team.

The next dates can be found on the red info button at the bottom right of the screen.


All our products are subject to our quality guarantee (free from artificial flavourings and flavour enhancers, no artificial colours or preservatives, no genetically modified raw materials, completely free of palm oil). In the event of a justified complaint, we ask you to send in the package, together with its contents, or to send an email (incl. photo of the product, package photo and contact details) to We will then be happy to supply you with a free replacement.

For a justified complaint, send us the product, incl. the contents, to:

Paul Reber GmbH & Co. KG
Attn. Complaints
Ludwigstr. 10–12
83435 Bad Reichenhall

Or by email (photo of the product, photo of EAN, your contact details) to:

Our products are represented in over 50 export markets, including: USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, and many other countries

To ensure compliance with Jewish dietary laws, the production of our Reber confectionery, as well as the production and origin of our ingredients, are regularly checked by a Kashrut expert. The following products are kosher: Mozart balls, Constanze Mozart balls

No, our products are completely free of palm oil and are subject to the Reber quality guarantee.

You can find information on nutritional values and ingredients for all products on the back of the packaging and, of course, in the Reber online shop.

A storage temperature of 16–18 °C is optimal for perfect enjoyment of our products. If the products are stored outside of the recommended temperature range of +16 to +18 °C, there may be severe losses in quality. A white coating forms on the products, which is referred to as “fat bloom”. Fat bloom is often confused with mould, but has nothing to do with it. Although fat bloom is not harmful to health, it does not meet our quality standards.

In accordance with food law, all essential components of our Reber products are marked on the packaging. However, even if a product’s recipe does not contain any such foods, it can happen that the smallest particles of these allergens enter the product through cross-contamination. We point this out with the note “May contain traces of …”, because we want to make sure that you can enjoy our products carefree. The following allergens are processed in our production facilities: wheat, eggs, milk, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, soy (enters through chocolate)

We use sunflower lecithin for our products

One Mozart Chocolate (20 g) contains 0.10 g of alcohol, which corresponds to an alcohol level of 0.0018 per mille (for a man weighing 80 kg)
Comparison 1 glass of wine 100 ml = 8.8 g of alcohol (corresponds to 88 Mozart Chocolates).

Most items contain nuts or traces of nuts.

Our Reber Dark Chocolate Mozart Balls are lactose-free.

Our Mozart ball range is gluten-free. We have traces in certain items, as we also produce other products that contain raw materials containing gluten in addition to the Mozart balls.
On top of the Mozart balls, we also have other gluten-free items. Visit our  online shop. The items that contain gluten can be identified from the list of ingredients. For products containing gluten, the name “WHEAT” can be found in the list of ingredients and can therefore be clearly identified.

The following items do not contain alcohol:
Glückskäfer, Rosenwalzer Tarts, Cream Nougat, Layered Nougat, Toffee Nougat

Santa Claus, Christmas waffle tarts nougat, cinnamon and speculoos
Easter bunnies, nut nougat Easter eggs, cream caramel Easter egg

Our Reber Dark Chocolate Mozart Balls are vegan.

We receive lots of enquiries regarding taste samples, testers and product samples. In principle, we cannot ship free products of our Reber specialities.

Feel free to visit our online shop at:

Or, for our Bad Reichenhall products, in particular, order by phone at: Café Reber/Shop in Bad Reichenhall
Tel: +49 (0)8651-174 | Email:

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